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The home of superb eye health.

You might have expected lots of shots of contact lenses and frames here.

Or perhaps amazing high-tech kit for optical analysis.

And we do have that stuff here, here and here.

You can even shop online with us.

But our focus
is on what
you can see.

Nick Burbery -Visique Upper And Lower Hutt Eyecare

I’m Nick Burbery.

For more than a decade, my staff and I have kept over 50,000 eyes in great shape by being incredibly focused on quality of vision.

Healthy Eyes

That’s what drives our passion.

New Zealand is full of astonishing views to experience.

Healthy eyes and crystal-clear vision are key to enjoying what our great land has to offer.

You may be able to hunt down cheap eyewear,
but do you really want to skimp on something as important as your eyesight?

Our wealth of knowledge and our leading diagnostic equipment will redefine the standard for your optical care.

Everything we do, every product we sell, is backed by our commitment to quality.

Use our expertise to ensure you get the right glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses to suit your exact needs.

Let us guide you as to whether you can skip eyewear altogether with Orthokeratology, the latest in eye correction.

It begins with an appointment.

It ends with clear, comfortable and healthy vision!

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And know that whatever your eye health needs,
we stand by our products and services 100%
with commitment, dedication and passion.

Visique Hutt Staff