Driven by the desire to always be a step ahead, Blackfin is an eyewear brand that is dedicated to standing out whilst striving to be true to their brand. Founded recently in 2014, the brand has evolved quickly.

Titanium and every single characteristic of it that’s what we know perfectly well and that is why we are able to form it like no one else and why we succeed in combining it with a truly advanced design.

Blackfin Frames Visique Hutt Valley 3

Blackfin is the quintessence of uniqueness. Eyewear entirely designed and built, far from any stereotype and designed to enhance the personality of its wearer.

Starting from the surface treatment, the utmost attention paid to the finishing, up to the temples which are adaptable to every face. Made of titanium to combine strength, lightness and flexibility.

Made following 53 production steps, the expression of an industrial, but still artisan working method. Inspired by the “neomadeinitaly”, a tribute to the soundest Made in Italy and to its true representatives. Characterized by exceptional ergonomics and a cutting-edge design.