Contact Lenses

Glasses don't quite fit your lifestyle?

Whether it's sport, social occasions, the great outdoors or simply because you would rather not have glasses on to see the world clearly - then contact lenses are a fantastic addition to glasses.

We fit contact lenses, provide advice, take responsibility and follow up.

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AOSept Plus Value Pack And OFPM Contact Lenses 400

Our service includes:

  • A discussion about your lifestyle and what you would like contact lenses to do for you.
  • A comprehensive eye examination to determine the condition and health of your eyes, assess your vision, eye co-ordination and the corrective lenses required.
  • Digital images of the retina (inside back surface of the eye), visual fields screening and corneal topography to digitally map the surface curvature of the cornea (the outer front structure of the eye).
  • Selecting the most appropriate contact lenses for your needs, eyesight, corneal shape and eye condition and ensuring these align with your corneas, give great vision and comfort.
  • A teaching session showing you how to use and look after your contact lenses.
  • A review with your lenses 7-10 days later to ensure they are performing well and are comfortable, that you are seeing well and that your eyes show no underlying problems.
  • A comprehensive review with your contact lenses at least every 12 months which is important to ensure your eyes and eyesight are maintained in their optimum condition.

Our responsibility is to look after the health and wellbeing of your eyes and eyesight. If there are any contact lens-related problems from contact lenses we have supplied, we take responsibility for solving those problems – there can be no buck-passing because we both prescribe and supply the contact lenses.

When worn with the correct guidance and management, you can have a great lifelong relationship with contact lenses that can be comfortable, healthy and safe. Ring us for an appointment or book one online!

Visique Services

Our highly experienced Optometrists use the latest equipment and contact lens technology to provide our patients every possible means of vision correction.

Has your prescription or your child’s prescription been advancing rapidly? Or do regular soft disposable contact lenses not suit your prescription or your lifestyle? Visique on High Street & Main Optometrists are able to tailor contact lenses to meet your needs.

Visique tailors contact lenses for:

For the experienced contact lens wearer, it is essential to have a contact lens review at least every 12 months to ensure that your eye health is maintained. Some symptoms of preventable eye conditions cannot be felt, so even if your eyes feel fine, ensure you have your contact lens exam at least once every 12 months.

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