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Glasses don’t quite fit your lifestyle?

Prescribing and fitting the latest technology in contact lenses is a constantly changing field, we stay up with the play, and are here to give you the best results contact lenses can offer.

With recent advances in design technology, contact lenses are now more comfortable, easier to care for and more affordable.

There are many different types of disposable contact lenses and you may be unsure what type of contact lens is appropriate for your eyes.

The professional optometrists at Visique Optometrists Hutt Valley can help you choose a contact lens system that is tailored specifically to you.

Daily disposable contact lenses

  • Soft contact lenses that you wear and then discard after one wear

  • Very convenient as they do not need to be cleaned

  • Our most popular form of contact lenses including for high corrections, astigmatism and multi-focal correction

You have a very high probability of success if you’re fitted with a design specifically matched to your eye shape and profile.

  • A comprehensive eye examination to determine the condition and health of your eyes, assess your vision, eye co-ordination and the corrective lenses required.
  • Digital images and 3D retinal scans of your retina (the inside back surface of the eye). Learn More.
  • Corneal topography to make a digital 3D contour map of the surface of your cornea (the outer front structure of the eye). Learn More.Corneal Map Visique Optometrists Hutt Valley
  • Selecting the most appropriate contact lenses for your needs, eyesight, corneal shape and eye condition and ensuring these align with your corneas, give you great vision and comfort.
  • A teaching session showing you how to use and look after your contact lenses, and how to manage any difficulties that may occur.
    Contact Lenses Teaching Visique Optometrists Hutt Valley
  • A review with your contact lenses 7-10 days later to ensure they are performing well and are comfortable, that you are seeing well and that your eyes show no underlying problems.
  • A comprehensive review of your contact lenses at least every 12 months. This is important to ensure your eyes and eyesight are maintained in their optimum condition.
    Eye Exam Visique Optometrists Hutt Valley

Ortho K corneal reshaping

Do you want to be free of glasses and daytime contact lenses? Has your prescription or your child’s prescription been advancing rapidly?

Consider myopia control.

Do regular soft disposable contact lenses not suit your prescription or your lifestyle? Or has your short-sightedness returned following laser eye surgery?

Consider Ortho K retainers.

How the Ortho-K lens works:

Ortho K Lens Visique Optometrists Hutt Valley Desktop
Ortho K Lens Visique Optometrists Hutt Valley Mobile

Scleral contact lenses for dry eyes

Dry eyes can be an obstacle when it comes to successful contact lens wear. Soft disposable lenses can dehydrate your eyes even more and may not be tolerated, especially in office environments.

However, recent advances in technology have resulted in some very comfortable contact lens materials that are well tolerated even by people with drier eyes.

A special type of contact lens called a scleral lens is one of the best treatments for severe dry eyes. These contact lenses are made from a hard material and vault the sensitive front surface of your eye. They act as a physical barrier to protect the eye and prevent evaporation of your tears.

Contact lenses for keratoconus

Keratoconus is a corneal disease that affects about 1 in 2,000 New Zealanders.

The mainstay of successful management is contact lenses – provided they are comfortable and are fitted properly. In fact, poor contact lens fitting is one of the causes of the progression of this disease.

It is essential to find an expert contact lens practitioner who is experienced in keratoconus. This helps to keep you out of needing a corneal transplant for longer – preferably for good.

Contact lenses for keratoconus include soft custom contact lenses, RGP contact lenses and scleral contact lenses.

If being fitted with contact lenses by experts is important to you – you’ve come to the right practice.