You’ve just got these great new glasses but what about eyewear care?

It’s easy to spend hours at Visique trying on different glasses frames that complement not only your face and features but also your style. It can be an arduous process, but looking great in a pair of prescription glasses is well worth the invested time and expense. What can you do to help keep those stylish frames and high-quality lenses in tip-top shape?

Things you should do

Hands first. Before cleaning your glasses, wash and dry your hands first. This will prevent debris, lotion, oil, or dirt from undoing all your cleaning efforts.

Turn your tap on. Under room temperature water, run your glasses under the stream, making sure to rinse both the lenses and the frame. This will help remove any particles that could potentially scratch and damage your eyewear while cleaning.

Using the soft microfiber cloth provided by Visique, gently rub both the lenses and the frames. You may want to focus on the areas that rest on your face and collect oil from your skin. Once clean, allow your cloth to dry before putting it away.

Eyewear Care Visique Hutt 2017 Crop2

Things you shouldn’t do

There are a few things you may want to avoid doing when it comes to maintaining the condition of your prescription eyewear. We use only the best anti-glare and anti-reflection coatings, but these seemingly harmless acts can cause damage and may decrease the lifespan of your favourite pair of glasses.

Don’t use the bottom of your shirt or sleeve to wipe smudges and debris from the lenses. Although using your sleeve may seem like a convenient and harmless way to clean your lenses, you can scratch them. These scratches can impair your vision more than the smudges you initially tried to remove.

Just add water. Although we have great cleaning solutions for cleaning eyewear, they aren’t always necessary. A drop of dishwashing liquid mixed with lukewarm water and a soft cloth can do the trick very well. If you prefer the convenience of a specialised solution, avoid ones that contain ammonia. This harmful chemical will strip away the lens coating over time.

For more eyewear tips, come and see us at Visique Optometrists. Besides offering comprehensive eye exams, we can also match you up with eyewear to help you improve your vision and eye health.