Lens Design

The most important aspect of glasses is that they allow us to see.

Having the right lenses prescribed is the first step and the foundation for that perfect pair of glasses.

Our experienced Optometrists will measure your eyes carefully to arrive at the best possible correction for you.

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Verena Dispensing Glasses Visique Hutt Valley

Prescription glasses are like a made-to-measure suit. Choosing the right lens design is where things can become very confusing. There are many different designs and coatings to choose from.

This is where our optometrists and optical consultants at Visique excel. Part of our expertise is in matching the best possible lens design to your unique requirements.

Sometimes this may mean more than one pair of glasses is required, especially if you work in an office environment, but advances in progressive and office lens technology are changing the game.

Regardless of the design of the lens or the frame selection, the most crucial part of achieving multifocal or progressive lens success is what happens next. A series of measurements will be taken by our trained and experienced optical consultants using the latest digital positioning technology.

These measurements must be taken accurately, and, crucially, with the frame sitting correctly on your face – the way you like to wear it and with any adjustments made to the fit or nose-pads, temple length etc.

This way, your newly made lenses will sit in exactly the right spot in front of your eyes!

Frame Measuring Visique Hutt Valley
Nick Burbery Optometrist Visique Hutt Valley

Over time, the fit may change: they may become loose and slip down your nose or they may get knocked around so they don’t sit straight on your face.

A simple adjustment every 3-6 months will ensure yours sit in the perfect sweet spot on your face.

We take pride in looking after our quality glasses so come into Visique Optometrists Lower Hutt or Upper Hutt any time for this adjustment.

We also delight in demonstrating the latest lens technologies, from progressive, office, anti-fatigue or myopia control lenses, to polarised or light-adaptive finishes.

Life’s too short. See great moments with quality lenses!

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