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There have been incredible technological advances in lenses and at Visique we’re excited to share them with you! We offer expert advice about:

Office Lens Technology Visique Hutt Valley

Office Lenses
Perfect for desk work

Anti Fatigue Lens Technology Visique Hutt Valley

Anti-Fatigue Lenses
Relaxing your eyes in a digital world

Diamond Finish Lens Technology Visique Hutt Valley

Diamond Finish Lenses
See your eyes and not your lenses

Light Adaptive Lens Technology Visique Hutt Valley

Light-Adaptive Lenses
Dark outdoors, light indoors

Progressive or Multifocal lenses

Sick of taking your reading glasses on and off?

Convenience. That’s what most people want. Less fuss. Less stuff.

When you reach your mid-40s and you suddenly need a pair of reading glasses, you want them to be right there, hence the proliferation of devices to keep glasses handy. But if you’re sick of the on-again-off-again of reading glasses, this is where multifocal lenses come in.

In order to do their job, it’s essential that they are perfectly tailored to your requirements; not only does the design need to suit your exact needs, but the measurements need to be taken in a very particular way by a professional.

Office lenses

Perfect for desk work

If you work in an office environment on a computer much of the day, multifocal lenses can be limiting.

With half the lens dedicated to distance vision, your computer and desk work is limited to what you can see through a smaller part of your lenses. Reading glasses don’t provide the solution either, as they are usually set up for close work and not ideal for the slightly longer distance to a desktop computer.

The solution? A pair of office multifocal glasses.

Specifically designed for office work, they have half the lens dedicated to intermediate (desktop computer) vision and the other half to near (reading documents) vision. These new designs are very popular. They are even available with a small zone for distance so you can still see across the boardroom.

Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Relaxing your eyes in a digital world

Anti-fatigue lenses are a new generation of lenses designed for our digital lifestyle.

They help reduce symptoms of eyestrain, eye tiredness and headaches associated with computer use, smartphones and other digital devices by relaxing the focusing muscles of our eyes, while still being able to see clearly in the distance.

MiyoSmart Myopia Control Lenses

Slow down myopia progression

Our children’s eyesight is precious. Yet most children with myopia (blurry long-distance vision) today are prescribed standard single vision lenses, which don’t treat myopia progression at all.

Myopia progresses more quickly in children than adults because their eyes are growing, leading to higher levels of myopia, stronger glasses and more eye health risks in adulthood. The risks include retinal detachment, myopic macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.

New, award-winning MiyoSmart lenses with D.I.M.S. technology have been engineered and proven to slow myopia progression up to 59%, compared with those wearing standard single vision lenses.

This is no ordinary lens. Contact us to find out how MiyoSmart lenses could help protect your child’s vision now and into the future.

Diamond Finish Lenses

See your eyes and not your lenses

From grease and dust to accidental scratches and changing weather conditions, your lenses may go through a lot.

Hoya Diamond Finish is proven to be the hardest, most durable anti-reflective coating available today.

Its scratch-resistant, water, dirt and dust-repellent finish guarantees you exceptionally clear, relaxed vision while prolonging the life and look of your lenses.

Sensity 2 Light Adaptive lenses

A new generation of light-adaptive lenses

Have you seen Sensity 2 light-adaptive lenses in action?

These new-generation, intelligent lenses darken outdoors in all light conditions.

Sensity lenses effectively control the level of light, providing you with more comfortable vision. Whether you’re standing directly in the sunlight or in the shade, Sensity lenses darken without you even noticing it. And they quickly fade back to full clarity indoors almost twice as fast as before.

See us for a demonstration.

Hoya Polarised lenses

Polarised prescription sunglass lenses

We wear and recommend Hoya polarised prescription sunglass lenses.

Why? Because once you’ve worn them you’ll never want to wear anything else.

The polarisation blocks glare, even on the brightest days. Truer colours are revealed. Details are precise. And they provide 100% UV protection.

Ask us for Hoya polarised prescription lenses today.

Life’s too short. Get better vision with our amazing lens technology!

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