Nano Eyewear frames for kids and toddlers are indestructible. Eyewear frames for kids that are made to last. The leading brand in children’s eyewear.

Unbreakable eyeglasses and frames made from our exclusive, patented and safe Siliflex™ silicon material for maximum comfort, flexibility and resistance.

All Nano Optical frames collections are two in one. With two fixing systems to adapt to everyday situations. Temples for the classroom and headband to play. Comfortable, adaptable, flexible, resistant and long-lasting.

Nano Frames Visique Hutt Valley 3a

Nano Solar Clip frames are sunglasses for kids. They include an optical frame, an exchangeable headband and a Solar Clip fixed by magnets. At home, school or any outdoor activity, they will be protected against ultraviolet light with perfect visual correction in just one frame.

Nano Baby frames get a better adaptation thanks to a different concept. Two frames in One. With two fixing systems to adapt to everyday situations: playing or resting. With no metal parts and temples covered with silicon – just to get their first frame fully comfortable!