Enjoy your freedom!

Otho-K lenses give you freedom from daytime contacts and glasses

Play sport, study, work, swim, surf or mountain bike, without the inconvenience of contact lenses or glasses.

Correct your vision as you sleep

By wearing custom-made contact lenses at night to correct your vision while you sleep, Ortho-K offers freedom from glasses and the inconvenience of daytime contacts.

Get the clear natural vision you want – all day, every day – without the hassle!

Ortho-K (Orthokeratology) - correct your vision while you sleep

Comfort without glasses

Ortho-K is an ideal means of vision correction if you:

  • Work in dusty, dirty or windy environments
  • Have dry eyes or allergies
  • Keep damaging, breaking or losing glasses – especially a problem for kids!
Ortho-K for children (Orthokeratology) freedom from glasses

Who is Ortho-K for?

Ortho-K is effective for all ages of children and adults for:

Ortho-K is a revolutionary non-surgical, non-invasive, safe and reversible treatment. It gently reshapes your corneas (the front surface of your eye) using custom-designed contact lenses that are worn only while you sleep.

When you wake, you remove them and have clear vision all day, no glasses or contact lenses needed!

Contact Lens Comfort

Some contact lens wearers discontinue their contact lens wear because of dryness or discomfort.

These symptoms are usually not an issue with Ortho-K because your retainers are only worn while you sleep.

Because your eyes are not wearing contact lenses while awake they receive more of the oxygen needed to help maintain optimum eye health.

Most issues around eye irritation and dryness from extended computer use, air conditioning, outside dust, pollutants and allergens are eliminated.

At Visique Optometrists Lower Hutt, many of our happiest clients in Ortho-K came to us after such issues with soft contact lenses. With Ortho-K retainers, they now have great results!

Children and Ortho-K

Children are some of the best candidates for Ortho-K.

Apart from improving their vision, children and especially teenagers benefit from the improved self-esteem, the ability to play all sports, and the ability to wear fashion sunglasses. Furthermore, parents don’t have to worry about their child losing contact lenses at school or sport, because they’re left at home.

We routinely fit Ortho-K retainers for children as young as 7 with complete safety.


The procedure requires detailed care, specialised skills by a trained practitioner and state-of-the-art technology involving several appointments.

For this reason, your initial costs are greater than conventional contact lens correction but less than 1/3 of the cost of laser eye surgery.

Visique Hutt Valley Optometrists are accredited specialists in Ortho-K.

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We’ve got diagrams, deeper explanations and a corneal topographer!

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