How does Ortho-K work?

While you are sleeping you wear contact lenses custom-designed by Visique Optometrists Lower Hutt to gently mould your central cornea (front of your eye). The natural forces in your tear film gently match the cornea to the shape we have designed on the inside of your contact lens.

This reshaping causes light to be focused properly on your retina in a similar way that your glasses do, eliminating your blurred vision. When your lenses are removed upon waking, you have clear natural vision.

Your vision is improved the next day and continues to improve over the coming week. Depending on your degree of correction your vision is usually stable within a week and, with high corrections, it can take two to four weeks to stabilise. The speed of corneal reshaping can vary from person to person, but most clients have 20/20 vision without additional correction within several days.

The cornea, whilst being mouldable, reverts to its original shape if lens wear is stopped, within one to two weeks – hence this procedure is completely reversible, safe and does not make any permanent changes to your eyes.

Visique on High Street Optometrists are accredited specialists in Ortho-K. Make a booking now to find out how you can sleep your way to great vision!

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Ortho-K contact lenses are surprisingly comfortable to wear and most people comment that they forget they have lenses in after the first week of wear. With proper care and maintenance, they are safe, and the risk involved of infection and allergy shown to be no greater than day-wear soft contact lenses, with many studies showing a better safety profile than soft contact lenses.

The safety and effectiveness of Ortho-K has been demonstrated in many independent studies and is approved by the United States FDA. Ortho-K lenses are made from a material that is extremely permeable to oxygen. The history of Ortho-K began in the 1960’s, demonstrating the safety of Ortho-K lenses, however the accuracy and repeatability of Ortho-K became evident following computerised corneal mapping (Corneal Topography) and computer controlled precision manufacturing in the 1990’s.

You must have a healthy cornea that is free of any conditions that could affect the performance and safety of Ortho-K. These are the same criteria for any of the refractive error surgery corrections like LASIK.

How Are the Lenses Designed?

Ortho-K could not be performed without a corneal topographer.

This device measures the precise shape or topography of your cornea, enabling us to measure and describe changes during the Ortho-K process using more than 10,000 data points.

At your initial appointment our specialist Optometrists will take a range of measurements in each eye. Corneal topography does not touch the eye and takes only seconds to perform.

This data is imported into our EyeSpace lens simulation software to design your lenses. This software customises each lens to your prescription and eye shape to a degree of accuracy smaller than 1 micron.

Our specialist Optometrists will make changes to these lenses until they look optimal in the simulation before manufacture commences. This simulation process means that more complex prescriptions can be treated with Ortho-K, and provides the greatest probability of successful Ortho-K lenses with fewer fitting appointments.

Medmont Topographer Visique Hutt

Visique Optometrists Lower Hutt are proud to offer custom Ortho-K lens fitting using EyeSpace, the latest revolutionary fitting software from Innovative Contact Lenses and Manufacturing Technology.

This exciting development allows us to give even clearer, longer-lasting and more predictable vision than ever before!

Ortho K Results Corneal Topographer

This exaggerated 3D representation shows corneal topography of myopic Ortho-K treatment before (left) and after (right). The central area inside the red-ring has been flattened, correcting the short-sightedness.

Visique on High Street Optometrists are accredited specialists in Ortho-K

Make a booking to find out how you can sleep your way to great vision!

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