Orthokeratology – Should I Have It?

Orthokeratology – Should I Have It?
Orthokeratology – Should I Have It? 2017-06-27T16:26:34+00:00

Should I have Orthokeratology?

If you are an active individual you can freely participate in sports without the interference of glasses or bother of contact lenses. As these special lenses are worn while sleeping, eye irritation and dryness often associated with the combination of contact lens wear, extended computer use, air conditioning, outside dust, pollutants and allergens, are eliminated.

In short, Ortho-K works best for people who don’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses all day, but don’t mind wearing contact lenses while they sleep.

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What if I have been unsuccessful with contact lenses before?

There is a good chance that you will still be able to succeed with Ortho-K. Many contact lens wearers discontinue wear because of dryness or discomfort. These symptoms are usually not an issue with Ortho-K because the lenses are only worn while you sleep. Also, because your eyes are not wearing lenses while awake they receive more oxygen to help maintain optimum eye health.

What about Children and Ortho-K?

Children are some of the best candidates for Ortho-K.

Apart from improving their vision, children and especially teenagers benefit from the improved self-esteem, the ability to play all sports, and the ability to wear fashion sunglasses. Furthermore, parents don’t have to worry about their child losing contact lenses at school or sport, because they’re left at home.

We routinely perform Ortho-K on children as young as 7 with complete safety.

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