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Nick – Optometrist

After graduating from the University of Auckland School of Optometry and Vision Science in 1994, I then qualified in Ocular Therapeutics. I have since become highly experienced in treating both urgent and chronic eye infections, inflammations and dry eye. Having developed a particular interest in evidence based management of children’s vision I have undertaken additional research to specialise in this field.
Prescribing and fitting the latest technology in contact lenses is a constantly changing field, but in staying up with the play, the results I can give you are ever-improving.

As an accredited custom Ortho-K specialist practitioner, this amazing night-wear contact lens gives you another means of vision correction, free of glasses or daytime contact lenses.

I also assess and fit specialty RGP contact lenses for severe dry eye, Keratoconus, irregular cornea, post-corneal graft and Laser Eye Surgery complications, including Scleral contact lenses.

Pene – Dispensing Optician

People often ask me if I only wear glasses because I work here, but I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old! I know first-hand just what an amazing difference it makes to your confidence, your outlook and your life to be able to see clearly and look good.

That’s the main reason I trained as a Dispensing Optician – sight is such an important part of my life that I wanted to really be able to help others experience the life-changing difference that seeing clearly can make!

Claire – Frames Consultant

With a background in fine arts and fashion, I delight in the opportunity to spend time with people, helping them find the perfect look.

I love seeing the latest styles and fashions coming through and have great fun playing and getting familiar with them. This gives me a real feel for what’s going to look good on people – I’m all about helping find your best you!

Donna – Optical Consultant

I’m so grateful that I live in the 21st century, when glasses are a fashion accessory not just something to help you see better!
I love when the new frames come in and I can see where the trends are going, try on the new ones and most excitingly of all, introduce you, our clients, to them.

I’ll be honest with you if something doesn’t suit. You can trust me to help you pick your perfect look, so you can wear it, work it, own it!

Jessica – Optical Consultant

People often ask why I love what I do and my reply is “I love eyes!”

With your eyes I want to take you on a journey because eyes are what I do best! After your consultation I will help you find a look to shine, lenses to make your senses divine.

I’m in my twenties which makes me tech-savvy and fashion-forward. I’m a chatter box too so I want to get to know you and help find the best solution for your eyewear needs.

I’m young but with 9 years experience I am passionate about optics. I’m an animal lover with a big heart for my fluffy friends and I always have a smile on my face!

Verena – Optical Consultant

One of the things I like most about the whole optical world is that although the end product looks really simple – a frame with a couple of lenses, or two little contact lenses – the technology that goes into them is just amazing!

I love showing people how we can give them such crystal-clear vision. My background in cameras and high-quality lenses helps me explain the technical bits of this complicated process in a way that makes it easy to understand.

The fact that you can get this great vision in a stylish frame is brilliant; looking good and seeing well is an unbeatable combination!

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