CooperVision Fortnightly toric is the clinical equivalent of CooperVision Avaira / C Air & Vitality Toric contact lenses. If you experience blurry vision on objects near and far due to astigmatism, then CooperVision Fortnightly toric contact lenses may be right for you and your eyes.

Aquaform® Technology helps deliver plenty of oxygen to your eyes so they’ll stay clear and white. CooperVision Fortnightly toric lenses also bind in water on the surface and within the lens, so you may not need to rewet these contacts with drops. And, its optimized toric lens design provides stable orientation and clear vision.

If you’re looking for toric contact lenses for astigmatism that strike the perfect combination of comfort and vision performance, you’ve found them right here with CooperVision Fortnightly toric contact lenses.

Contains 12 Contact Lenses