Contains Menicon Menicare solution and Progent Intensive Cleaner. Menicon MeniCare Plus Multi-Purpose solution is suitable for all rigid gas permeable contact lenses, and is commonly used in Ortho-K retainer cleaning regimes. This solution can be used for:

  • cleaning
  • disinfecting
  • soaking
  • lubricating
  • rinsing

Also contained in this pack is Menicon Progent Cleaner. Menicon Progent Intensive Cleaner is a protein remover for rigid gas permeable contact lenses only. It is not a daily cleaner, and should be used in conjunction with your regular cleaning regime. Use as advised by your optometrist. Not suitable with soft contact lenses.

Contains 3 x 250ml Menicare, Progent 7 Treatments, 3 Barrel Lens Cases