Ote Clean replaces Lobob Optimum Extra Strength Hard Contact Lens Cleaner.

Benefits of Ote Clean Hard Lens Cleaner

  • Remove dirt and impurities from lenses
  • Enjoy clear and comfortable vision throughout wear
  • Suitable for all contact lenses

This cleaning solution is a simple and popular way to remove dirt and debris from common lenses.

Ote Clean uses a safe chemical formula which includes ordinary alcohol and non-ionic compounds. These compounds react with dirt from proteins or fats, as well as dust which accumulates on contact lenses, working to remove them completely. Aided by the preservative Polyhexanide Biguanide, this leaves your lenses fresh and ready to use every morning, ensuring sharp and clear vision.

It’s important to ensure your lenses are always completely ready for use, so it makes sense to go with a cleaning product that is tried and tested. With years of popularity and a highly effective formula, Ote Clean is just such a product.

Contains 1 x 40 ml bottle