In stock as at March 2024. TheraTears Liquid Gel is a thicker version of preservative-free TheraTears. TheraTears Lubricant Eye Gel works as a “liquid bandage” yet does not cause the blurring and crusting seen with thicker products. If you have severe dry eye and have irritation throughout the day, use TheraTears Gel several times a day for healing relief. TheraTears Liquid Gel is also great for night time use.

  • Soothing overnight relief of dry eye symptoms
  • TheraTears® unique hypotonic and electrolyte balanced formula replicates healthy tears
  • Liquid-gel formula provides soothing, longer lasting relief and protection for nighttime use
  • TheraTears® is just the right thickness to provide less blurring, non-crusting, protective film that is ideal for nighttime use
  • Available in 30 count single-use vials
  • Single-use vials come in a foil pouch to ensure they are as fresh as natural tears

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Contains 30 x 0.6 ml vials